Top 4 Real Estate Myths Busted

Let's clear things up!

I get it…there are always going to be misconceptions about the real estate industry, like any profession. But when it comes to real estate, misinformation can end up hurting you financially and emotionally down the road when you decide to buy or sell, and there’s no way I’m going to let that happen on my watch! So, today, I’m busting the top four most falsely acclaimed real estate myths I’ve heard. Get your pen and papers out!

Your Agent Will Say and Do Anything to Make a Sale.

This one also goes along with, “all real estate agents are the same.” It’s easy to group all of us agents into one category after having a few bad experiences, but believe it or not, we aren’t all the same! Real estate agents follow a strict code of ethics while following stringent regulations. Yes, there may be a handful who lack professionalism and are only in it for themselves, but the majority of agents do have your best interests at heart and only want what is best for you. The reason most agents get into this industry is to help their clients’ and see them smile. That’s always my top priority at least!

If you are ever unsure of your agent’s intentions, ask them these Questions to Ask Your Real Estate Agent When Buying or conduct interviews with at least three agents before you decide which one to choose. Stay tuned for a future blog on Interviewing Real Estate Agents and Questions to Ask Them!

You Can Always Get Pre-Approved After You Find Your Dream Home

I can’t stress enough how important it is to get a pre-approved mortgage before even looking for your new dream house. It saves you a lot of time and disappointment, and buying a new home should be anything but that! Getting a pre-approved mortgage tells you exactly how much you can afford on your new property. You may think you can afford more, but sometimes that’s not the case, and nothing would be worse than finding your dream home only to realize you can’t afford it. Getting your finances in check and figuring out what you can afford should always be your first priority when buying a new home – I can’t stress this enough! To learn more about what steps you should take, click here! Now, go meet with a mortgage broker already!

Selling Your Home Without an Agent Will Save You Money

There’s more to selling a home than most think, and it goes beyond just putting up a For Sale sign. Only 2% of homes are sold to private sellers because a lot of work goes into selling a home! Your real estate agent works full time, gaining the most exposure for your property through strategic marketing tools and qualifying every inquiry on your home. We use our experience and knowledge to bring serious, qualified, and motivated buyers to the negotiating table, putting more money back into your pocket. We handle all viewings, negotiations, paperwork, and many other aspects of the selling process throughout each day. Not to mention, we research your neighbourhood’s market to guide you through the ideal listing price that will get your home sold and off the market! It’s crucial to hire a qualified agent to get the job done! 

Spring is the Best and Only Time to Sell

This is a common myth I’ve heard over the years, and I’m here to get it out of your head! Yes, more people will come to see your home when the weather gets warmer, but do you really want that? Most people are window shopping in the spring/summer months and aren’t looking to invest in your property. If you sell in the winter, only the dedicated and serious buyers will make the trip to see your home. Also, there will be less competition on the market, meaning you’ll get more money for your home – who doesn’t want that! But at the end of the day, sell your home when you are ready to sell – it’s that simple!

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Real estate is in my blood! My entire life, I have been exposed to the intricacies and complexities of the real estate spectrum from resale and land development to pre-construction and closing. I not only can make your homeownership dreams come true, but I have the experience to get your home on the market and sold in no time!

By: Zoie Conforti

January 22, 2021

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