How to Boost Curb Appeal in the Winter

Be the talk of the block!

The winter can feel like a drab and miserable time of year, but your home doesn’t have to look that way! Maybe you’re selling during these winter months, or maybe you just want to spice up the look of your home from the outside. Either way, there are many ways to make your home look presentable in the winter. I encourage all my clients to sell in winter as the competition is low and only serious buyers will be looking. So, let’s boost your curb appeal and get your house sold! Or, if you’re not selling, let’s make your home look as pretty as possible!

Add Greenery

Look for some greenery to add to your front porch! Search for plants that can handle the colder weather like Evergreens, Wintergreen Boxwood, Hostas, and Winterberries. This will add some life to your front entrance, allowing prospective buyers to feel welcomed. I highly recommend Evergreens because once the snow falls, it’ll look like a gorgeous winter wonderland outside your home!

Clear the Snow

One of the most important tips! Your home will not look presentable if you have snow covering the driveway and walkways. Not to mention there could be ice underneath, which could be dangerous during home viewings. Shovel and de-ice your porch, walkways, and driveways to ensure your home looks presentable and ready for visitors.

Use Lanterns & String Lights

Lanterns and string lights are a charming addition to your home in the winter. Hang them on your porch and trees, or place two lanterns on the steps for a welcoming entranceway. Lanterns are one of those things that many people forget about but show up in snowy Christmas movies. This creates a nostalgic feel and allows visitors to feel safe, an important factor people look for when buying a new home! 

Attract the Birds

Hang bird feeders outside your home to attract beautiful birds! A vibrant red cardinal or a stunning blue jay is sure to look fantastic in the white snow. Since you want your home to stand out, these birds will give prospective buyers something unique to remember! 

Put Out Colourful Porch Chairs

If your porch is big enough, put out some bright Muskoka chairs or a nice rocking chair to add colour and comfort to your property. Although it may be too cold for sitting outside, you want prospective buyers to imagine themselves sitting in those exact chairs on the front porch. 

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By: Zoie Conforti

January 29, 2021

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